Terrier Woody

Terrier Woody

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our Snow Day!


Did I ever tell you how much I like snow?
Sunday night it snowed just a little.
Tuesday night it snowed a little more!
I'm trying to eat as much as I can...cuz you never know when it will snow again!!
Sister likes snow too!

Stuff in our yard with snow on it.

What do you mean, "It's Time to Go In!?"

There is still so much to do out here!

Wez just gonna stay out here until supper time!!
Happy Snow Day!!
Wyatt and Tegan





Sunday, February 18, 2018

Food, Flowers, Fun fur All

After we got all jazzed up about warm weather and blooming plants....

It snowed!
But, it just stuck to the fur and not on the ground.
Chewy.com sent treats to Mom!
Mom gave treats to Dad!
Look at this cool pop up card from Pop.
Do you think they would notice if I took that bone?
We watched the Westminster Dog Show.
Tegan told me not to look, when the Lakie got a ribbon and the Airedale didn't get squat!!



The Peeps have been eating a LOT!! The giant turkey drumstick from 'Feckin Brewing' came home in some tin foil and we got some! Nom Nom!
We have been lounging by the fire and doing the usual dog stuff.

Happy Year of the DOG!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dr Lyon's

Once in awhile Chewy.com just sends me something and asks,
"Hey Wyatt! What do you think about this?"
Whaddaya think, Tegan?
We have had other hip and joint supplements before.
Why is this one different?

"Well Wyatt...if you would put on your reading glasses and check out the label, Dr. Lyon's has more active ingredients than the brand that we are currently using!"
At first glance it appears very similar, but our other brand lists their active ingredients per 2 tablets and Dr. Lyon's lists their active ingredients per one tablet!
Dr. Lyon per one tablet:
600 mg Glucosamine, 300 mg Chondroitin, 250 mg MSM
Other Brand per one tablet:
250 mg Glucosamine, 30 mg Chondroitin, 45 mg  MSM
Let's see how they taste.....

Yes, very yummy. Must be the dried chicken liver.
I'm so happy that the container has 250 chewable tablets!
I'm 9 years old and I need to be my "best-dog self", when I walk with my friends!
Thanks Chewy.com for thinking about my health and making sure that I can keep hiking with my family and making them laugh for years to come!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Bandanas by Tail Trends

"What is it, What is it???"
"What did we get from Chewy.com??"
Valentines Bandanas by Tail Trends !!
They come in 2 sizes (M and L)
They also have other holidays, birthdays, bow-ties and tutus!
We are going to order some more for Halloween and St. Patrick's Day!!
With Chewy.com's super fast shipping,
there is still plenty of time to order for Valentine's Day!
...And they are on sale for $3.99!

How do I look?
♥ You & Me, babe ♥

It's all about how you accessorize.
Thank you Chewy.com and Tail Trends
Your Happy Fashionistas,
Wyatt and Tegan
We receive no compensation from Chewy.com for our honest reviews, we just like the attention
and the boxes are fun! ♥♥ Wyatt and Tegan